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Specialized in a risk-related field? 

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Omega: Network Experts Connecting the Global Risk Community

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How much can you earn sharing
your Knowledge Remotely? 

An International Network of remote Risk Experts

The Omega Network is an international community comprised of risk-related experts sharing their knowledge with others via videoconference and telephone exchanges for monetary compensation. 


In an accelerating world, time is a valuable commodity. Unfortunately, many talented risk specialists frequently spend time networking and searching for new customers and handling administrative tasks, rather than focusing on their real added value: their expertise. 


Our technology-enabled platform leverages the power of automation to rapidly and wisely match clients with experts like you.

A seamless experience for overloaded specialists

Committed to provide a hassle free experience, our team is handling the appointments, the compliance, the confidentiality, the invoicing and  the payment. 

Our experts are specialized in:

  • Risk Intelligence
  • Threat Assessment
  • Crisis Management
  • Executive Risk Mitigation & Protection
  • Cybersecurity
  • Politics & International Relations
  • Economic Intelligence
  • Crisis Communication

Specialized in one of these fields? 

Multiple Benefits

Total Flexibility
Free of Charge
Meet customers
Hassle Free Experience
Earn Money

Ready to join the Global Risk Community? 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Omega Network? 

Omega is an independent online platform connecting the global risk community. We pair businesses in every sector, from International Organizations, NGOs to non- profits with the largest network of risk-related experts from around the globe to drive smarter, faster decisions. Our network includes experts from a range of risk-related sectors and locations who can offer unique insights to clients facing complex situations. 

Who are Omega experts?

Our network includes former C-suite executives, former public sector leaders, former intelligence officers, academics, scientists, and policy specialists located all over the world. 

Is there any fee to become an 'Expert'? 

Membership is totally Free. 
As an expert, Being part of Omega network is free of charge.

How does it work?

When our clients are looking for knowledge in a risk-related field, we match them with the most relevant expert(s) for that particular project. We then connect our clients directly with experts for telephone conversations and videoconferences, which may lead to longer term collaboration.

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